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Providing a variety of services for small to medium sized businesses,
Nemora Consulting has three underlying principles to its ethos.

- To be as passionate about your business as your are

- To understand your business as much as you do

- To be as focused on your business as you are

With over 25 years experience of Finance, IT, ERP, Sales and all round business processes, across a diverse array of business sectors, Nemora Consulting can advise you on equipping your business to improve performance and efficiency.
Services include business process consultancy and project management through to ERP and Sales team dynamics specialisation

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Project Management

Key to any business growth is organisational change and this is achieved through projects.

This makes the management of these projects key to any business. From conception through to project fruition here at Nemora we can guide and assist you through all the steps.

Applying various project management tools we can assist your business in achieving its full potential.

ERP/CRM Specialisation

Today many companies rely heavily on the ERP/CRM solutions they employ, to run their business and provide the information that strategic decisions are made upon.

With experience gained over a wide variety of business types we can help maximise the information you get from your existing solutions or provide independent advice on choosing and implementing a new solution.

Telesales Consulting

Your telesales team is the lifeblood of your business. At Nemora we can help your business focus on your sales processes and systems to maximise the benefit you gain from your pipeline and your sales team.
We can work with your sales team on team and customer dynamics as well as help building credibility with your customers.
We can look at the sales process you have currently and advise on how it can be adapted to provide maximum sales.


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